Welcome to my website.
You are invited to take a look around and enjoy some of my work as a film editor.
I have had the pleasure and good fortune of working for and with a great number of truly talented directors. They inspired and pushed me to the ever stretching limits of my abilities. It is a grateful challenge to help and bring their visions to the screen and make all involved in the process happy.
Numerous commercials, a number of documentaries and features long and short I saw through to fruition. It is great to be in the eye of the storm. Scouting for the goodies in the footage that serve the story best. The cuts are important but what is in between them is what counts.
Learning never ever stops.
My experience is grounded in physically cutting good old 35mm film in the eighties till the early nineties. On flatbeds like Steenbeck, Old Delft’s Cinemonta, Intercine and the likes.

For a while off-line editing tape to tape was en vogue as part of the evolution. For a short while even with a tapedeck slaved to a Steenbeck for sound editing.

In 1985 I played with an Editdroid at Lucas Films and saw the future of editing.
It took until 1993 to edit for the first time on an Avid. Still one of the important tools today. Many tools have come and gone. Avid and FCPX are my favorites at the moment.
We live in interesting times.